A Report of a Study into the Feasibility of Establishing a Programme for Non-convicted Perpetrators of Domestic Violence in Coventry

Commissioned by: Coventry Domestic Violence Perpetrators’ Programme Steering Group
Prepared by: Christine Harrison, Professor Audrey Mullender, Dr Ravi Thiara - Centre for
the Study of Safety and Well-being, University of Warwick

The Domestic Violence Perpetrators’ Programme Steering Group is a multi-agency
forum made up of representatives of:

Coventry’s Domestic Violence Partnership
Coventry City Council
Coventry Healthcare NHS Trust
Coventry Relate
Action Against Crime Partnership
Area Child Protection Committee/Social Services Department
West Midlands Probation
West Midlands Police
Other voluntary and statutory agencies

The Centre for the Study of Safety and Well-being

The Centre for the Study of Safety and Well-being at the University of Warwick brings together a number of well-known researchers in domestic violence and related fields. As its name suggests, the Centre's emphasis is on positive responses rather than on the abstract analysis of abuse. Members of the Centre combine expertise in research with women survivors of domestic violence (e.g. Hague et al., 2001); Rai and Thiara, 1997) and in scholarship concerning children living with domestic violence (Mullender and Morley, 1994; Mullender and Humphreys, 1998; Mullender et al., 2000; Mullender, forthcoming; Harrison, Humphreys and Aris, forthcoming). They have extensive experience of translating research into appropriate forms of policy guidance and service development, as well as of addressing a range of audiences including policy makers, practitioners, service users and the general public. They are committed to promoting child-centred and woman-centred research methods and practice interventions.

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